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Aimed at those who wish to maintain an up-to-date wardrobe,
if you are a fashion designer, do you have a shop or boutique.


Select your new or pre-owned garments in good conditions
to swap with other Dressium members.

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    We only accept garments in good conditions

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    We accept accessories like hand-bags, sunglasses, hats and jewellery.

Calculate the Price

Check the second-hand price in our Slow Fashion Calculator

You are able to calculate the price based on:

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    The original purchase price.

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    The time when you bought it.

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    The number of times you worn the item.


Send your garments to our Store to digitalize them or do it by yourself.

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    It only requires to digitize your wardrobe once.

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    The next garments you request are already digitize them.

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    This service is included in our Premium Plans


Request the garments that you love and collect them from the Store or from others Dressium members near your area.

Conditions to trade your garments:

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    You can only request garments based on the price of the garments you have given to store or other members.

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    When you sent a request, the store or person will lock the garment to you collect it.

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    You can buy garments, upgrading your clothes amount at anytime.

At the moment to collect the garment, you should already be
subscribed to a Premium Plan.

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