Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dressium is a mobile application with the system of exchange of dresses between its users. It also allows the sale and purchase of these garments.
The origin of the name Dressium comes from the terminologies Freemium and Premium, which mean subscription business models and in the case of Dressium, this business model applies specifically to dresses.
Dress: Dress in English
ium: Freemium / Premium

Argentina, Australia, Colombia , Ecuador, Ireland, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, The UK, The USA and Venezuela.

English and Spanish.

Smartphones Android and iPhone.

The basic functions of swapping, buying and selling can be used for free in its Freemium version. To get more benefits from using the application, Dressium offers the Premium version.

There are 3 criteria to calculate the price of your second-hand dresses:

1- The original purchase price.
2- How old is the dress?
3- How many times did you wore the dress?
4- How many times the dress has been sold or swapped?

A wise way to add the price to your garments is to consider the original price and remember how much time has elapsed since that purchase, so we recommend the rule 50-25-10:

If the dress was purchased less than a year ago, it should be sold for half its original price.
Original price x 0.50 = Sale price
ó Original price ÷ 2 = Sale price
Original Price $128 USD x 0.50 (50%) = Sale price $64
Original Price $128 USD ÷ 2 = Sale price $64

If the dress is between 1 and 5 years old, it could only be valued for 25% of its original price.
Original Price x 0.25 = Sale price
ó Original Price ÷ 4 = Sale price
Original Price $128 USD x 0.25 (25%) = Sale price $32
Original Price $128 USD ÷ 4 = Sale price $32

If the dress was purchased more than 10 years ago, the ideal is to sell it at 10% of its original price.
Original Price x 0.10 = Sale price
ó Original Price ÷ 10 = Sale price
Original Price $128 USD x 0.10 (25%) = Sale price $12.8
Original Price $128 USD ÷ 10 = Sale price $12.8

The payment method is agreed between the users.
The seller can share an online payment link if they have one.
You can also go to the store in case you buy from a store or boutique.

No, the price of each dress as it appears in the application is the exact price to pay at the time of purchase. Dressium does not charge commission for purchases or sales.

We recommend taking the photos with the cell phone horizontally, to guarantee that it will fit the screen size of any cell phone.

We encourage taking photos with the dress on, which will benefit sales by showing more realistic images of how buyers will look with the dress on.

Good quality photos with light backgrounds will benefit sales and exchanges. That is why we recommend taking photos with a white or light-colored background.

After swap your dress and receiving another one, press the yellow button Mark as Swapped located in the Swaps section or within the Chat where you started the exchange process. Your dress will go to the profile of the other user and you will receive the new dress in the My Dresses section, which will be available to sell or exchange again.

You can cancel the purchase or sale at any time.
Visit the Activity > Buying or Selling section, select the purchase or sale you want to cancel and press the side menu (3 points) where it says Cancel the purchase or Cancel the sale

You can cancel the exchange at any time.
Visit the Swaps section, select the trade you want to cancel and press the side menu (3 dots) where it says Cancel Trade.

Yes, Dressium allows the exchange between dresses of different sizes.

However, we recommend posting them on the app for sale, as swapping between dresses of different sizes is unlikely to happen.

The users will decide if they accept the exchange proposal with a dress of different sizes.

We recommend listing them for sale.
Then you will be able to submit the dresses you have purchased, to begin the process of exchanging between dresses of the same size.


Long and formal dresses. Ideal for formal events and weddings.


To attend parties and semi-formal occasions.


Suitable for attending to the office, meetings or conferences.


Casual dresses to go for a walk and with a relaxed style.

Yes you can.

You can Buy a formal second hand dress and then start to enjoying the Swaping.

They are generally formal dresses for events such as weddings, graduations, ceremonies or evening events. A wedding dress is long and elegant.

Ideal for semi-formal occasions normally known as cocktail parties. It can be worn day or night.

Classic dresses, in neutral colors appropriate to attend the office or business meetings.

To be cool at home or go for a walk you can wear a daily dress.

1) First download the application on your cell phone.

2) Then, press the + Upload button to post your dress.

3) Add the description, price, location and size.

The moment a user wants to buy your dress, you will receive a notification on your cell phone and you will also see it in the messages section of the app.

Dressium allows you to publish kids' dresses, however the application can only be used by adults.