Dressium main functions

Aimed at those who wish to maintain an up-to-date wardrobe,
if you are a fashion designer, do you have a shop or boutique.


Upload new or pre-owned dresses, accesories or outfits and swap with other Dressium members.

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    The more garments you post, the more likely you are to trade.

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    When a user send a swap request to one of your items, a notification appears in the app. You can Accept Swap or tap Cancel in case you are not interested.

Remember to take the photos with the garment on.
In this way you will help users to have a more realistic image of how they will look when trading the items.


Buy dresses, accessories and outfits, wear them and resell them at the price of your choice.

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    View photos of other users wearing their clotes of the same size as yours. This way you can have a more realistic idea of how the garment will look on you when you decide to buy it.

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    Select your search area on the map. The app will show you the available items in that area.

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    Search by the categories of Weddings, Cocktail, Accessory or Outfit; the size and color of preference.

If you decide to purchase an item from another member, press the Buy button and through the appโ€™s internal chat, you can arrange a swap in person or get the item delivered, and also decide preferred payment option.

Payment is made directly with the seller.
*Dressium does not charge commission for payments.


You can sell new or second hand dresses, accessories and outfits.

If you have a store or boutique and you want to publish more than 3 garments, Dressium offers the Premium version for 3 or 6 months.
When selling your items, the payment is made directly to the seller.
*Dressium does not process any payments.

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