April 12, 2021

Your morphology and your dress (part II.)


Identify your body type without being suggested by fashion stereotypes.

In the first article of Your Morphology and your Dress Part I, we talk about what the morphology or typology of your body is and why accept you and not compare yourself with other girls, who, the only thing they have in common with you is! Beauty and perfection!

As we promised, this time we will talk about body types and global suggestions on how to style, highlight, reduce characteristics or proportions of your figure when selecting clothing. Our intention is for you to be able to identify your body type without being suggested by fashion stereotypes. Remember that you decide!

Dressium Identifica tu tipo de cuerpo

Body morphology.



It is a body that is characterized by having the same proportions in bust and hip. The waist is very defined. “Women with this body type can wear almost all kinds of clothes except the very tight ones.”


Same proportion in bust, hip and waist. It is a more linear body. “In order for the waist to go unnoticed by all, the shoulders should be highlighted with bulky or ruffled garments, jackets with shoulder pads … otherwise, use ‘A’ cut skirts to make the waist a little smaller.”


Greater volume in the hips, thin shoulders, little bust. “Wear garments with volume or ruffles at the top to balance with the volume of the hips, do not wear tight or tight pants.”

Oval or Apple:

The most voluminous part of the body lies in the waist. “Do not wear tight suits, wear garments with vertical lines to slim the figure, discard large prints and accentuate dark colors in the upper body.”

Inverted triangle:

Volume in the upper part, wide back, little thickness in the hips. “Wear pants with pockets on the sides, in the back and garments with prints on the bottom.” The comfort you feel when dressing is what counts.

The perfect body is yours because you assume it and you want it. Your attitude prevails!

Only you have the freedom to choose and enjoy that dress you want, do not stop for stereotypes always remembering:
Who are you? and What makes you feel comfortable and safe? at every moment and especially in the most important moments of your life.