April 5, 2021

Your morphology and your dress (part I.)


“Why doesn’t this dress fit me the way I imagined it?”
“I’m in my size but I don’t like how it fits me … I don’t know, I’m not convinced”
… “There is something that I do not see well in this dress …”

Very common phrases that you express when deciding on a garment. We want you and everyone to be informed and aware that always in the making of a garment, symmetrical and asymmetric cuts are made, and that these cuts vary or are applied according to the designer’s creation.

Said cuts will also define, in certain types of fabrics, the long, short, tight or loose fitting of a dress, skirt, pants, suit, jacket or shirt. This is why not every garment at first impresses you, perhaps, it can be as you imagine. ALERT! It is important that you know that you are not the one with the problem. We are all born with different characteristics and proportions, some girls or women are tall, others short, thin, robust, long legs, short legs, long or short neck, large or small bust, etc., all of these are characteristic. inherited from our relatives.

In the world of fashion, you will often hear the word Morphology and Typology, both words refer to the study of the shapes or structures of a body.

That you learn to love yourself to accept yourself, will help you not to compare your morphology or body type with other girls or women different from you.

Learning to know yourself, leads you to consolidate a good attitude in all the details of your life. Acquire garments that favor and highlight the morphology / typology with which you were born, the one that makes you unique, beautiful and distinguished. There should not be a rule to measure a dress you want, you just have to be honest with you, search, choose, try until you hit what suits you.

When it comes to selecting, experience will make a difference!


It is a task to discover what suits you and what you feel comfortable with. However, raising awareness that you are beautiful and unique will help you simplify your searches for clothing and easily identify those that make you feel safe, highlight your attributes and that make you affirm: “they are for me”. We emphasize that you count on your satisfaction, well-being, comfort and safety. Adopting a good attitude in yourself defines how great you are.

Find out more about Morphology and your Dress Part II, where we introduce you to body types and suggestions of which garments to choose and which to discard.
Always reminding you that we only guide you because the decision is up to you.

See you then!
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