April 26, 2021

Why should we take care of our environment?


As a free mobile application contributing to the preservation of the environment, through the REUSE of your clothes through exchanges of dresses, this time we emphasize the reason for the fight for the preservation of our natural environment and how each of us we can contribute to it day by day.


Imagine that after finishing a long work or study week, you look at your home with waste on the floor, you go to the living room and, you find your books and magazines everywhere … scattered shoes … then you go to the kitchen and detail that all the dishes are dirty -spread between the counter and the dishwasher-… you don’t know what to do! or where to start organizing everything again, and you wonder:


How by an oversight your house is in this state?

… you get sad, it occurs to you to go to sleep and you realize that your bedroom is indistinguishable from a storage room IN CHAOS … Faced with this dire situation, you get confused, discouraged and frustrated by your own abandonment, apathy, negligence and a life of disorder…


The same would happen if we do not make our day to day aware with small actions that with the passage of time will become a great contribution to our environment..


We all like it, it gives us pleasure, comfort, incentive and security the fact of living, inhabiting or being in a fresh, pure, beautiful, clean and orderly context.



Did you know that raising awareness of each of your actions for the benefit of our natural environment helps prolong your life and that of yours?


Yes, diseases would be reduced by a significant percentage, our mental health would be more stable and the interdependent relationship we have with the ecosystem would reach its restorative balance.

Watch! Here we leave you some universal keys worth practicing to consolidate the care of our environment:

  • Save water, close the tap while you apply the shampoo, soap or when you brush your teeth.
  • Promoting the recycling of garbage: glass, cardboard, plastic and metals.
  • Avoid and report fires that are deeply polluting and damage the ozone layer.
  • Reduce electricity consumption, do not leave devices plugged in such as the dryer, chargers, blenders, among others.
  • Recycle, the reuse of materials avoids excessive waste and therefore the reduction of waste!
  • Take care of the life of plants and animals


Don’t forget to care for the Ecosystem!

This biological system gives us infinities of benefits such as: fresh water, food, soil or land formation and the oxygenation of the air we breathe. For these reasons, we invite you to avoid and report deforestation because this agricultural practice destroys the quality of the soils and reduces the optimization of the planting of plants and seeds.

These keys and many others will NEVER go out of style. Make a habit of each of them.

We invite you to become aware of your pro-environment habits and build pathways to a better world.

Your contribution to the conservation of our natural environment has a positive impact on everyone’s life.

And as always, from Dressium App we tell you:


A good example radiates!


Go ahead, share and exchange that dress that you no longer use for others that you do want to wear!