January 18, 2021

Welcome to Dressium Mobile App!

Dressium Estilo de vida

Enjoy the new lifestyle that will allow you to contribute to a healthy environment.

Dressium, the first Mobile App in the world designed to satisfy the reality of women, who like to wear a different dress for every occasion.
The mobile application is developed with an automatic system based on the user’s geolocation, in order to organically connect the dresses that are in your area. It also encourages exchange and sale of dresses with the aim of consolidating the eco fashion.  In this way, young and adult women can contribute to the preserveration of the environment by only reducing the waste of clothing.


Exchanging dresses is saving, therefore, Dressium contributes to the economy of its users. They will be able to select the dresses that they will not use again and are willing to exchange, place the garment, take photos of their outfits and, voila! In this way, they will have done the previous work to download the App and upload their dresses.

Buscar por Categoría

For those users who wish to sell, they can activate the  Accept Purchase button for each garment and then add a sale price to the dress. Payment is handled directly between users.


The application contains 4 categories of dresses: Wedding, Coctail, Work and Daily, so users can choose the desired and appropriate dress for each occasion.


Download Dressium App to discover and enjoy endless benefits developed for the woman who wants and seeks conscious consumption!