January 25, 2021

From Dressium App we are transforming your lifestyle.


How many times have you gone shopping for your clothes and after endless visits to different stores you did not find what you wanted?

So, you buy those clothes that do not convince you but that you only acquire them to “console” that unsuccessful exit. Hours and hours that only leave you with a strong exhaustion and the desire to do anything else except fulfill that task that at first did not seem to be so difficult.

Many times, you cannot find your size , the color is not suitable, the quality does not convince you and the price does not fit your budget. Due to this experience, Dressium was concerned about improving the search process for your dream dress and knows that finding one or more pieces of clothing can be a difficult task.


I do not know what to wear! is the phrase that characterizes this lifestyle, where a closet loaded with even new clothes, does not satisfy your needs  “Feel and look at ease”


Now imagine that the process of acquiring your garments would be from and to any location, that you will not have to wait for the stores to open to go to the mall but that any time is indicated and you will also see how the dresses look on a human body of your same size! and not on a mannequin.


Over time you will notice that your lifestyle and perception of how to acquire your clothing, will adapt to you and your preferences that you will share, with like-minded users, you will save without realizing it, which will have repercussions in a change of individual and collective consciousness to time to dress.

Another great news is that, Dressium gives you the wonderful habit of reusing, the moment you exchange your dresses.

A very precise example is traveling, you will not have to carry luggage loaded with clothing that you may not even use, just by having your smart phone at hand and entering the application you will be able to see the dresses in each of their categories: Wedding, Cocktail, Work and Diary as well as the available sizes, contact the user of the published piece of clothing, agree and go  The solution of your dress just a screen slide!


The master formula:

Salvageable materials
➕ organics

ecological or biodegradable

 = awareness and new lifestyle.

Assuming that the reuse of clothing is one of the most effective ways of consciously dressing and preserving the environment, is to continue demanding and encouraging the textile industry to please, through its elaborations, its consumers who are committed to sustainability.

A full attitude will allow you a better quality of life, it will help you save time and money to make conscious purchases.


Dressium, your digital wardrobe!