May 3, 2021

For a better planet, bet on Eco Fashion with Dressium App.

Dressium cuidando el medio ambiente

Time to transform a lifestyle
in which you and the environment win.

Until recently, acquiring a garment required a long and arduous process that consisted of moving from one store to another looking for that ideal garment with specific characteristics. In addition to the time it took to find the right size, color and type of textile for the occasion, it was a process that could undoubtedly take a long time.

After finding that suitable garment or dress for the event, it is common to wear it only once and buy a new dress for the next occasion. For this reason, the rental of dresses began to have great success and with the passage of time new purchasing processes emerged through online stores.

However, at the digital level, we continued to have doubts regarding the sizes, the photos do not reflect how the dress is placed on a body of the specific size and finally, the acquisition process for delivery to your location was another variant of this acquisition process. of a dress.

These and more key factors were taken into account when developing the Dressium to transform a process that leads to the transformation of a lifestyle, adapting to the requirements of users to find the ideal dress for each occasion.

Dressium moda sostenible

Transform a lifestyle

It means changing processes to obtain the same results in an optimized way, which will allow users to obtain that ideal dress satisfying all their preferences, adapting to their location and, above all, the images of the users will show how the dress looks on a human body of their sizes.


At the end of that event, surely you will not wear your dress again for reasons such as those that our users have commented:


“My circle of friends or family have already seen me in that dress and I will not be able to wear it again.”

“In the photos of my social networks I already appear with that dress,”

“I’m an influencer and I can’t repeat clothes.”


That is why the garments would end up being given away, donated or sold to acquire a new dress for the next occasion.

Prices, fluctuating economies, “takes 3 for 1”, are offers of some clothing industries in contexts of crisis or price rises, persuading you to “save out of your pocket”, but that, in reality, they are only looking for the excessive output of their garments made from low-quality fabrics. To all this, the exploitation of employees and workers is added, that is, this type of industry allows the aggressive impact against the environment by unlimited production and disposal. Objective of the exploiting system: to grow economically in a runaway and, therefore, unfair way.


Eco Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Slow Fashion or Slow Fashion, work on the well-being of the environment by upholding the ideology of manufacturing with quality fabrics, free of harmful chemicals and dyes, as well as taking care of the working conditions of their workers, through fair treatment and wages in the performance of their duties.


Thanks to thousands of activists who fight for the care of the environment, around the world, awareness towards preservation has been growing stronger for more than a decade.


Kate Fletcher, pioneer of Slow Fashion or Slow Fashion, has been a fundamental icon in the pro-environment issue for the fashion industry. Kate, and her extensive experience as a researcher, nature lover, teacher and fashion activist, has allowed her to be an inspiration for other designers and manufacturers, thus spreading, worldwide, her concept of sustainable fashion, which she works in the reduction of the environmental, social and economic impact.


Doing your shopping consciously is investing in the quality of the clothing. Over time you and others will be able to REUSE, REPAIR and RECYCLE ah! And best of all, you will truly save and, you won’t be sorry for giving in to misleading offers.


Our advice: to the extent of your possibilities, include in your closet, wardrobe or dressing room, quality clothing but without accumulating. Exchange what you have stopped using! Raising awareness in your wardrobe speaks highly of you.

And, as always, the Dressium App tells you: A good example radiates! Go ahead, share and exchange that dress that you no longer use for others that you do want to wear!

Taking a photo of your dresses, exchanging them and enjoying the variety of outfits that girls and adult women like you upload to our Dressium App, is to encourage you to see, stop in time and think about that acquisition or conscious purchase that, for some reason or another, you have never done or stopped doing and, that it is time to return to a new lifestyle in which you and your environment win.