May 17, 2021

Easily find the size of your dress.


How many times have you gone from store to store and cannot find that garment that you long for and that many times the saleswomen do not help you find because of the characteristics of your body?

Finding the size of the dress you want is no longer a problem, in Dressium you will find it easily and safely.

And the mobile application has a size conversion system that allows you to upload dresses in different formats of countries. For example, a size 8 dress in American format would mark USA 8, while the same dress in Australia or the United Kingdom would show on its label AU / UK 12 and in European format it would be EU 40

Dressium registers the size of a dress in all the formats of equivalent countries, which allows to find that dress from any of the formats in which it is searched USA, AU, UK, EU, IT, ASIA, S-M-L In addition, the search system also allows you to filter the dresses by colors, patterned fabrics and many more details.


Size Converter.

When downloading Dressium from your smart phone as well as with iOS and Android operating systems, through Play Store y Appstore, you can upload the photos of your dress (s) and display the screen that establishes the indicators of Sizes, Colors and the 4 categories of dresses stored by each user: Wedding, Cocktail, Work and Diary.

In this screen you will be able to indicate the number of measurements that the label of your dress describes and thanks to our
Size Converter your dress will appear with the equivalent of sizes that other users are looking for. In this way, our system will quickly show you the dress you want..


You are important to us, that is why our automated system has been implemented with you and your preferences in mind. You no longer have to walk tirelessly to find your size in that dress that, only you, know is for you.

Te invitamos a que leas nuestro artículo titulado: CON DRESSIUM App TU VESTIR ES MÁS FÁCIL en el que encontrarás una guía técnica de cómo subir tus vestidos y el modo en que debes tomar las fotos a ese atuendo que deseas Intercambiar o Vender.



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