February 15, 2021

Dressium Mobile App with you in pandemic times.


In these times in which the coronavirus unfortunately continues to undermine the health of so many people in the world, from Dressium Mobile App, we stand in solidarity with you through our articles, encouraging you to be distracted by reading them, which, we do with love to continue forward in the best possible way.


We know that being at home implies for some people assuming a greater, lesser or very little responsibility from beginning to end. However, regardless of how many commitments you have under your belt, it is important that you always include those that are exclusive to you, in this way you relax, encourage yourself to maintain your good mood and recharge positive attitudes.

Go ahead! Look in your closet or wardrobe for those clothes that you have not used for so long and instead of throwing them away or giving them away (without knowing the true use they will give them), select them and then you can exchange them through our mobile application, safely.


Start by taking photos of your dresses by placing the cell phone horizontally, upload them to the application and in this simple way, you will be embarking on the path of eco fashion by:

  • Exchange the dress that you no longer use for another desired one, making a match.
  • Buy the dress that has the Buy button activated.
  • Sell unlimited number of new or used dresses.

Cheer up, it is time for you to highlight in yourself a change of consciousness in the acquisition of clothing!

Dressium Mobile App, with you at all times!