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Dressium for the woman of today, tomorrow and forever.


From young people to older women, they will be able to enjoy Dressium’s automatic system  for exchanging dresses. Dressium came as the innovation of the moment in terms of technological platform.


The exchange or reuse of dresses will be guaranteed for users over 18 who bet and want to know the benefits of sustainable fashion.


Dressium’s automated system has high-level technological elements that allow highlighting the effectiveness of its operating system in the searching for sizes and dresses categories: Wedding, Cocktail, Professional and Daily. The objective of the application is to accentuate eco fashion, create awareness when buying, selling or exchanging your dress as well as contributing to the preservation of the environment, through reuse, which generates less pollution to the planet, in a few words create a new lifestyle for all.


Through its website we highlight news and articles that will keep the public informed, thus placing itself in a scalable application and platform.


Venezuela , Australia and Colombia will be the main countries to enjoy the scoop of this application.

Press release.